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Who is right for you?

Counseling can be daunting, and choosing to find a counselor to help with life’s difficulties is a big step.  Of course, finding one who is right for you is essential for successfully reaching your goal.

How do you know who is right for you?  In addition to finding someone who works well with your personality, look for someone who can encourage you to face your issue with honesty, courage…and a sense of humor.  

Counseling is a significant investment – of finances, time and emotional energy.  Believe it or not, even exceptional counselors do not work well with everyone.  

So, consider taking the extra step and ‘interview’ a few counselors who have experience in the area you are looking for and decide with whom you are most comfortable.  Since whomever you choose will be the person with whom you will take intentional (and often scary) risks towards change, finding a counselor with whom you are naturally “at home” is important.

MPC offers one (1) free phone consultation to see if this is a good fit for you.  If not, Ree would be happy to recommend other counselors in the area who might be better qualified to serve you.

About Counseling 

Once you find a counselor, what can you anticipate from a counseling process?  

Typically, counseling work happens on two fronts: conversations with the counselor in the office and activities that happen outside of office sessions (usually referred to as homework).  Your ability to invest in both sides of the process is very important to reaching your goals.  

During the counseling sessions, your counselor is likely to ask you a lot of questions (especially in the beginning as she or he gets to know you) and give you feedback on what has been discussed.   

As you learn more about how God has designed life and relationships to work best, you will be able to take some calculated risks towards influencing change usefully in your life.

Ultimately, counseling is not about giving you solutions for your problems.  It is about helping you discover the answers within God’s design that are right for you.

For more on these topics, check out the FAQs page.