About the Counselor

Photo Credit: © Allan McKechnie

Ree Wolfe was born in the southeast part of New York state, which used to be known as farming country and is now considered “the burbs” of New York City.

Church was an important part of her childhood experience, especially as the daughter of two church leaders and the granddaughter of a pastor and church music director.  A believer of Christ’s story since she was ten-years-old, she served in the music ministry, as well as participated in other ways – youth group, the Ivy Guild (a women’s committee which raised money for missionaries and local charities), women’s retreats, teaching Sunday school and later church secretary.

In 1998, she moved to Columbia, SC in order to attend (and ultimately graduate from) Columbia International University with a M.A. in Counseling (2002).  While gaining limited experience in private practice, Ree spent most of her time developing the training aspects of the clinical counseling program in the graduate school of CIU, as well as Ministry Care program in CIU’s Seminary and School of Ministry.  

After a time, she transitioned and concentrated her career within the Ministry Care program (a graduate-level program that educates students to become church ministry counselors).  “Counselors make the best worship leaders,” Ree was known for stating at CIU.  Why?  “Because they understand how to lead others into the heart of their own stories and Christ’s story.  That’s where worship happens.”  

Her passion for connecting students to the authenticity of Christ’s story showed up well beyond the classroom. She often mentored students through their own difficult stories, bringing both the truth and grace of Scripture to life.  “So often we teach Scripture like it is a list of principles, a formula for life success, but it is so much more than that.  Helping students to see the relational dynamics in Scripture allows them to see in an unique way that Christ was (and is) real.  When students begin to view Scripture as Jesus’ journal, as a window into his soul, they are transformed.  Period.  And, transformed people, transform people.”

She has spoken in graduate chapels, facilitated church and women’s retreats and has co-written a manuscript textbook for one of the foundational courses in the Ministry Care program at CIU.  She has also served several local churches in the areas of worship, creative arts and production, as well as participated in small groups.

After a lay-off in the winter of 2013, Ree decided to bring her clinical education, mentoring skills and extensive church experience back to the private practice arena.  Ultimately, however, her counseling passion lies within her mentoring history.   

“I want Scriptures to come alive to people.  I want people to discover what it means to find Christ in the midst of their story, and to find themselves in the midst of his.  I think if they do, they will change.  And, consequently, our churches will be transformed. And then, those who do not yet know Christ might have a different impression of him…because we will be more like him.”

Currently, Ree is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with the state of South Carolina and seeks to incorporate scripture principles and clinical training with her clients.

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